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The characteristics and conditions of the grinding wheel spindle and the adjustment of the gap

Jun 15, 2020

The axial positioning of the grinding wheel spindle is this: the axial force to the right acts on the thrust ring installed in the bearing cover through the shoulder on the right end of the spindle. The axial force to the left is transmitted by the six screws with wheels fixed to the right end of the main shaft, through springs and pins and thrust ball bearings, and finally to the bearing cover. The role of the spring is to preload the thrust ball bearings. And when the thrust ring wears, it will compensate itself to eliminate the clearance of the thrust sliding bearing. The basic conditions for using rolling bearings are:

1) Consider the load type

2) Load size

3) Working temperature

4) Installation conditions

The use of such bearings only withstands axial forces and plays an important role in fixing the main shaft. Lock with through-hole screws and tension screws to prevent the ball screw door from loosening and changing the bearing clearance.