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The bearing head of Internal grinding machine loading methods

Feb 09, 2018

Active measurement processing is commonly used in grinding and honing processing, the main shaft, hole and with the initiative measurement mill.

measuring spindle active measurement There are two three-point active measuring instrument axis, commonly used in general cylindrical grinder. Measurement, the hand hanging on the cylindrical grinding wheel cover on the three-point active gauge measuring card stuck in the workpiece, the workpiece during grinding dimensional changes by the relay rod by the length sensor is converted to electrical signals

active measurement hole measuring two-point and Cypriot-style two. Two-point type commonly used in the internal grinder, measuring process and measuring the same axis. Plug gauge commonly used in honing and hole grinding. Its measuring process is basically the same as that of plugging gauge (see gauge) and pneumatic plug gauge (see Pneumatic meter), but it has the function of automatically displaying and outputting the signal of dimension under test.

with the mill active measurement, used to control the shaft hole matching the gap with the workpiece, such as the diesel engine oil nozzle couplings and so on.

Active measurement after processing is mainly used for centerless grinder, boring machine, precision lathe and other processing equipment. Workpiece is processed immediately after the automatic measurement. When the workpiece size changes due to cutting tools such as grinding wheels, boring tools, turning tools or other reasons to reach the tolerance zone (see Tolerance) warning limits, the control indicator sends a compensation signal, the automatic compensation mechanism that compensation feed, the workpiece deviation Do not exceed the tolerance band. The 1970s saw the emergence of automated statistical analyzers that were combined with length sensors for post-processing proactive measurements. It has the ability to eliminate gross errors and quickly perform a variety of calculation and analysis, such as calculation of standard deviation and limit error, so in time to issue statistical signals in line with the law