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The advantages of the arc tooth disc of the grinder have to be said

Dec 26, 2020

The curved toothed disc on the end surface is made of a material with high hardness and wear resistance. The structure is simple and the compatibility is strong. Products with different outer diameters and tooth numbers can be selected according to the changes in the place of use and purpose. The production is completed by processes such as diameter grinding, surface grinding, coordinate grinder, surface grinder, and coordinate measuring machine. The main shaft can be installed on the work surface of the main machine in two ways, vertical and horizontal, and used as the fourth shaft of the main machine. Under the control of the host's related system, various indexing and rotating tasks are completed. Plates, discs or other processed parts with complex shapes can be installed on the worktable to realize the processing of equally divided and unequal divided holes, grooves and continuous arc surfaces.

Because the contact surface between the tooth and the tooth is concave and convex, so there is no point, line, force, but the entire arc curved surface, so there will be no chipping, edge chipping, and unidirectional warping like straight teeth. Wait for the situation. At high speeds, centrifugal force is generated, but the concave arc tooth shape is inwardly supported, which can have higher speed and speed-up performance. Other bolts are prone to chain reaction and have a short service life, and even the balance changes during high-speed torque transmission, resulting in vibration and danger.