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Table mounted grinding machine machine operation and lubrication requirements

Apr 13, 2019

The table mounted grinding machine is widely used in the process of grinding. One of the main methods of precision machining of machine parts during use is to some extent, because the grinding wheel has a high rotation speed, the grinding wheel is hard, brittle and Can not afford a heavier impact, accidental improper operation, crushing the grinding wheel can have very serious consequences. Therefore, the safety technology work of grinding processing is particularly important. It is necessary to adopt reliable safety protection devices, and the operation should be concentrated and guaranteed to be foolproof.

The fine sand and metal scraps splashed on the workpiece of the table mounted grinding machine wheel during grinding of the table grinder can damage the worker's eyes. If the worker inhales the dust in a large amount, it is harmful to the body and appropriate protective measures should be taken. Pay attention to the following safety technical issues when grinding. The machine should be thoroughly inspected before driving, including inspection of the steering mechanism, electrical equipment and magnetic chucks.

The table mounted grinding machine is lubricated after inspection, and the equipment is tested after lubrication. It can be used after confirming that everything is good. When loading the workpiece, pay attention to the card being positive and tight. During the grinding process, the looseness of the workpiece will cause the workpiece to fly out of injury or crush the grinding wheel and other serious consequences. When starting work, apply the manual adjustment method to make the grinding wheel slower and closer to the workpiece. The starting feed rate should be small, and the force should not be too strong to prevent the grinding wheel from colliding.

When the table mounted grinding machine needs to use the iron stop to control the reciprocating motion of the worktable, it should be accurately adjusted according to the grinding length of the workpiece to tighten the retaining iron. When replacing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to first check the appearance, whether there is any trauma, and then use a wooden hammer or a wooden stick to strike, and the sound is required to be clear and crack-free.