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Such a good CNC vertical grinder, there is no reason not to choose Wuxi Changyi

Feb 03, 2021

When the CNC vertical grinder starts to work, first put the spring blank produced by the spring coiling machine into the left loading tray of the end grinder, start the machine, press the left loading tray enter button, and the left tray enters the working area. The motor of the left tray rotates rapidly, and the upper grinding head rotates rapidly and moves downwards to grind the end face of the spring. During grinding, the right loading plate rotates slowly to allow workers to install the spring blanks and improve production efficiency. First, rough grinding to the process size, and then fine grinding to improve the finish of the spring end surface. After the grinding is completed, the left tray automatically exits the unloading, and the right tray enters the working area to continue grinding. Automatic operation mode The equipment grinds the spring according to the set process, and has a strict intermodal relationship, and can be suspended at any time to fine-tune the equipment, and then continue to grind.