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Structure layout and bottom plate composition of CNC cylindrical grinder

Nov 30, 2017

Numerical control cylindrical grinder in the process of using is mainly the mechanical and electrical integration structure layout, the whole equipment work area has been protected or overall protected, in use, maintenance is convenient, so that it will meet the requirements of human engineering in a certain extent.
The grinding spindle system of CNC cylindrical grinding machine has high rotary precision and strong rigidity. The speed of grinding wheel can reach 60m/s in some degree when it is used. The two axis linkage feed, the worktable and the grinding wheel rack are driven by AC servo ball screw pair.
Grinder CNC cylindrical can choose diamond dressing device in various forms, which will effectively achieve precise NC correction, and automatic compensation, the equipment configuration of the active measurement device, the whole closed-loop control so that it will achieve its grinding to a certain extent. The numerical control system has a wide range of control functions, such as grinding process transformation, workpiece quality management, machine condition monitoring, fault self diagnosis and abnormal alarm, and the menu type interface is easy to input.
CNC cylindrical grinding machine bed is a box structure of the casting, in use, the front of the lathe bed for oil pool, electrical equipment placed in the back of the bed, the oil pump installed on the back of the wall of the bed. The worktable is mainly composed of the upper table and the lower table. Loosen the inner six corners screw of the two platen, rotate the adjusting handle, and the upper table can be rotated within the specified range, so as to adjust the taper of the workpiece.
The components of CNC cylindrical grinder headstock and headstock box frame directly from the floor, the headstock around the shaft rotary head on the bottom plate, the rotary angle can be read from the graduation card. The head dial through the pulley and the inverter can realize subsection stepless speed regulation.