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Structural features of CNC internal grinding machine

Jul 19, 2019

The CNC internal grinding machine is a new generation of high-precision, high-efficiency production machine tools. The entire grinding cycle of the machine is automatically completed, and the operator only needs to assemble and disassemble the workpiece. It is mainly used for inner hole and end face grinding of potted teeth and large bearing ring parts to ensure the accuracy of inner hole and end face; it is used for grinding cylindrical and conical small holes, and can also grind outer circle and end face. The working spindle, the internal grinding head and the external grinding head are all lubricated with oil mist.

The CNC internal grinding machine is a two-axis vertical vertical CNC inner circle. The inner hole, small end face and multi-step hole are clamped once. The internal grinding head of the machine tool adopts high-power electric grinding head and is driven by static inverter. The workpiece spindle is used. High-precision large contact diagonal ball bearing, workpiece speed AC frequency conversion, stepless speed regulation, machine guide rail and ball screw are automatically lubricated by the lubrication station. It is protected by a sealed enclosure. In the production process, if a failure occurs, it is necessary to stop immediately, find out the cause and eliminate hidden dangers. When the brakes are out of order, it is strictly forbidden to drive. The safety plate (bumper) needs to be equipped with protective devices to avoid accidents.

The CNC internal grinding machine clamps the workpiece by the chuck mounted on the main shaft of the head frame for circular feeding movement. The working table drives the grinding wheel frame to reciprocate longitudinally along the bed rail (see machine guide rail), and the head frame is fed horizontally along the sliding saddle. Movement (see machine tool); the head frame can also be rotated around a vertical axis to a certain angle to grind the cone hole. When the planet is working, the workpiece is fixed. The grinding wheel rotates around the axis of the machined hole in addition to the high-speed rotation of its own axis. Achieve circular feed, which is suitable for grinding large workpieces or workpieces that are not suitable for rotation, such as cylinder blocks of internal combustion engines.

As we all know, the role of CNC internal grinding machine is mainly to grind cylindrical, conical and so on. In addition, it is also possible to use some of the inner hole surface as well as the end surface and the like. Moreover, in terms of its structure, what we need to understand and understand is also very important, so below, Xiaobian will elaborate.

1. On the grinding machine, the bed is its main component and is its basic support. Because it has a wheel frame, a workbench, a headstock, and a tailstock. Therefore, it is necessary to make these accurate relative positions when working on the grinding machine, so as to ensure good processing results.

2. The grinding machine is generally matched with the inner grinding tool. Its main shaft is driven by a separate motor.

3. The grinding wheel frame on the equipment is a grinding wheel spindle that can be used to drive high-speed rotation. Therefore, when grinding a short conical surface, it can be adjusted to a certain angular position for better work.

4. The workbench is composed of two layers. Moreover, the upper layer is rotatable at an angle around the lower layer. In this case, the CNC internal grinding machine can be used to grind long conical surfaces with small taper.