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Speed operation and processing quality of deep hole grinder

Dec 08, 2017

Deep hole grinder can process the high hardness materials work pieces, such as the hard alloy and hardened steel, also can machining of brittle material, such as glass and granite,deep hole grinder can make high precision and small surface roughness grinding work,as well as the high efficiency grinding, such as strong grinding.
The deep hole grinding machine needs to operate at its rated speed effectively after starting the motor. When it is used, the load of the grinding wheel and work piece varies constantly due to its grid voltage, which will directly affect its motor speed error.
Deep hole grinding machine in the production process, because there is a certain power grid voltage fluctuations, the workpiece grinding wheel friction load change, this will directly affect the motor speed error in a certain extent, Generally the standard grinding wheel motor only has one processing speed, it is difficult to meet to the different requirements of relatively linear speed of different work piece sizes, so that the workpiece machining precision is hard to guarantee.

MS-1 lengthen deep hole grinder cylindrical deep hole internal grinding machine.jpg

In the process of operation, considering of its processing quality and organic processing efficiency, energy saving of the deep hole grinder. Variable frequency speed regulation technology can be used in grinding machine, and it can get satisfactory results. There are many kinds of products processed in the machining industry, and the size of the work pieces are different, and the processing precision requirement is different.
Adjusting the speed of the spindle of deep hole grinder simplely cam meet the workpiece machining line speed to a certain extent, but it is hard to adjust to the ideal state, because the shaft machining process produced  strength bending, the grinding process will produce different torque wheel feed, thus bringing wheel output speed / torque change, will produce the corresponding vibration knife pattern / burnt lines.