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Special Price Multi-Function CNC Compound Grinding Machine Tools

May 24, 2017

This machine tool consists of three axises.Three axis motions adopt the rolling ball screw of the servo motor. Among them, X-axis is the feed system, and Z1-axis and Z2-axis are three axis linkage multi-function CNC grinding machine of the reciprocating system.

When clamping once,this machine tool can grind the work piece excircle, inner circle, inner taper hole, inner end face of stepped hole and outer end face. Grinding cycle is done automatically.

Maximum stroke of feed mechanism: 400mm
Maximum stroke of workbench: reciprocating: 350mm
Swing diameter of work piece inside the shell: φ260mm
Swing diameter of work piece outside the shell: φ450mm
Maximum load capacity of work piece: 50kg
Revolving speed of work piece: 0-800 stepless speed variation
Revolving speed of grinding wheel: 10000-60000 steples speed variation
Motor power of work piece: 1.5kw
Motor power of X-axis servo motor
Motor power of Z1-axis servo motor:1.5kw
Motor power of Z2-axis servo motor:1.5kw
Grinding wheel electric spindle power of Z1-axis: 2-9kw
Grinding wheel electric spindle power of Z2-axis: 2-9kw
Resolution radio of X-axis servo motor: 0.001
Resolution radio of Z1-axis servo motor: 0.001
Resolution radio of Z2-axis servo motor: 0.001
Flow of cooling pump: 50L/min

Rated power: 10-17 kw

the weight of machine tool: 3100kg

Machine overall dimension: 2100x1700x2500mm

Processing range

Grinding diameter of inner hole: φ5-100mm
Maximum grinding depth of inner hole: 100mm

Maximum outer diameter of inner hole: 100mm

Maximum length of external grinding: 100mm

Processing presicion

the roundness of inner hole: 2μm

the cylindricity of inner hole:  3μm 
Surface roughness of inner hole: Ra0.4μm

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