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Special features and selection principle of multi-function CNC grinding machine

Sep 28, 2017

Do you know what is special about multi function CNC grinding machines? If we need to buy a multi-functional CNC grinding machine, then what principles should we follow? I believe there must be a lot of friends are more interested in these two issues. We will give you a brief introduction as following, I hope there’s something helpful to you.

In fact, we can use multi-function CNC grinding machine to process all kinds of shapes either complex or simple parts. Because the equipment is controlled by computer system, it can solve the influence of human error. And precisely because of the use of computer systems, you can also achieve precision compensation and optimal control. In addition, machining system, turning system, grinding system and electrical machining system are equipped with tool library and tool change function. As a result, not only reduces the number of clamping, but also enhance the quality of the product.

What's more, the special feature of this kind of CNC grinding machine is that it has a certain flexibility in the process of operation. That is to say, we can do all kinds of production work with it, and realize the requirement of higher flexibility automatic production, including machining, assembly and inspection.

As users, we should adhere to a few basic principles in the process of machine tools purchasing. The first is the principle of practicality, mainly refers to the specific requirements of multi-function CNC grinding machine should be clear in advance; the second is the principle of economy, in the situation of ensuring to meet the use requirements, we should choose more economical products.

Robotic arm compound grinders.jpg

Multi-purpose Grinding Machine

The third basic principle is operability, mainly refers to that the multi function CNC grinding machine selected should be in accordance with the user’s operation and maintenance level in the actual production. Fourth principle is stability and reliability, mainly refers to the choice of equipment to ensure stable and reliable in practical work.

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