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Servo control system is essential for high precision CNC grinding machine

Jun 29, 2017

Wuxi Changyi Machine Tool Co., Ltd. is committed to developing advanced high-precision CNC grinding machine instead of imported.

Servo control system is a kind of automatic control system, which can track the input command signal, and then obtain the output signal of accurate position, speed and power. In mechatronic systems, Servo control is an important part of control and power for the actuator to achieve motion according to the design requirements.

Software servo is a full digital servo system based on microprocessor. AC servo has occupied the leading position of machine tool feed servo, and has been improved with the development of new technology.

With the development of ultra high speed cutting, ultra precision machining, network manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing technology, with the network interface of the digital servo system, linear motor and high speed electric spindle CNC grinding machine will become a hot industry, CNC grinding machine with high precision and high efficiency will become an important direction of the development of the servo system.

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