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Semi-automatic CNC internal grinding machine for the purpose and accessories

May 13, 2019

The semi-automatic CNC internal grinding machine is mainly used for grinding the inner hole and end face of the pelvis and large bearing ferrule parts to ensure the accuracy of the inner hole and the end face. It is a new generation of high-precision, high-efficiency production machine tools. The entire grinding cycle of the machine is automatically completed, and the operator only needs to assemble and disassemble the workpiece. 

The semi-automatic CNC internal grinding machine is used to grind cylindrical and conical holes and to grind the outer and end faces. The working spindle, the internal grinding head and the external grinding head are all lubricated with oil mist. CNC internal grinding machine system has strong programming function, easy operation and easy to learn, and has a variety of special functions to meet the requirements of grinding processing, which can meet the processing needs of users for various parts. 

The semi-automatic CNC internal grinding machine is a two-axis vertical vertical CNC inner circle, which is used to grind inner holes, small end faces and multi-step holes. The grinding head adopts high-power electric grinding head and is driven by static frequency converter; all guide rails adopt high-precision and high-vibration roller guide rails; the feed shaft is driven by servo motor ball screw; the workpiece spindle adopts high-precision large contact diagonal ball Bearing, workpiece speed AC frequency conversion, stepless speed regulation. 

The semi-automatic CNC internal grinding machine guide rail and ball screw are automatically lubricated by the lubrication station and protected by a sealed casing. It can be equipped with multi-point pitch-position automatic fixtures and various special fixtures for cylinder power source. The coolant filtration adopts magnetic and paper-based precision filtering device.