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Selection method of bearing shaft of cylindrical grinder

Jan 19, 2021

Due to the step effect, a dynamic and static pressure bearing oil film is naturally formed inside, and the bearing becomes an east pressure sliding bearing with a static pressure field. Compared with three or five tiles, the hydrodynamic and static pressure hybrid bearing oil cavity bearing spindle unit is an integral structure, the bearing and the box hole contact area is large, it is a rigid connection, and the oil film stiffness is fully utilized.

Because the choice of preload has a great influence on the application of precision angular contact ball bearings, such as high load and high rigidity occasions, medium or heavy bearing preloads are generally selected; and for some high speed and high precision applications, In the early selection of bearings, attention should be paid to selecting the appropriate preload. Preload is generally divided into three types: light, medium, and heavy. Generally, light preload is more common. This type of bearing eliminates the need for preload adjustment, thus saving installation time