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Safety operation rules and precautions of Chang Yi Machine Tool

Sep 06, 2017

Since there’s a basic understanding of transmission system which is the core part of Changyi machine tool,but we also need to pay attention to the whole mechanical machine operation process and precautions, as the guarantee for the normal and stable operation of Changyi machine tool.
The general principle of safe operation is to operate in strict accordance with the regulations of Chang Yi machine tools, so as to prevent the occurrence of personal and equipment accidents. Moreover, it is necessary to fully understand the equipment before processing the machine tools, and at the same time carry out a comprehensive inspection and test of the machine tools before passing into the formal process.
You know, in many cases, the problem is due to improper selection of parameters and tools, so this is also mentioned in the code of safe use. We should use Changyi machine tool according to the actual processing requirements, reasonable processing parameters, and equipped with appropriate tools to meet the processing needs.
In order to ensure the safety of the machine tools, the designed program only can be operated in case of comfirming there’s no problem after simulate operation as much as possible. If the staff has problems, do not blindly processing without solving and mastering the principle of the trouble.
It is another point also very important, there are many types and models of Changyi machine tools,different grinding conditions need different models of Changyi machine tools, if select the model improperly, there’s no use whether other aspects done well. Therefore, we should equipped the corresponding Changyi machine tool models according to the actual conditions and requirements.

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