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Safety operating procedures for deep hole Internal grinding machine Tool

Jul 15, 2017

In the operation of deep hole internal grinder, we should pay attention to several points: before the work piece being machined, the proper grinding wheel should be chosen reasonably according to the material, hardness, fine and coarse grinding conditions of the work piece.

When replacing the grinding wheel, the worker must carefully check the size and speed of the grinding wheel whether it is in accordance with the requirements, the surface cannot have cracks, the sound should be ringing when mounting the wheel, and it also need to be balance tested, firstly, run 10 minutes without grinding work piece, it can be used after confirmation, the operators should stand at the side of the grinding wheel, leaving the gaps and slowly feeding to prevent the grinding wheel from forced suddenly cause the burst accident.

MS-2  deep hole internal grinding machine.jpg

MS-2 Deep hole internal grinders

When the grinding wheel does not retreat away from the work piece, the work piece loading and unloading, deep hole internal grinder measuring accuracy should be stopped, the grinding wheel will return to the safe position to prevent the abrasion; If the work piece only need dry grinding, it mustn’t suddenly be turned into wet grinding, to prevent fragmentation of the grinding wheel; wet grinding coolant is interrupted, grinding must be immediately stopped.

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