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Requirements for inspection of the cylindrical grinding machine before starting

Dec 12, 2017

The following parts should be checked before the external grinding machine starting
1. oil in the oil pool should achieve the required oil level.

2. it is appropriate to adjust the tightness of the belt.
3. protective cover and grinding wheel need to be fixed firmly in the right, dust tight felt good.
4. check the electrical system (motor, distribution box, safety lamp, wire, grounding wire) is good, no short circuit, the surrounding environment should be clean.
5. according to the lubricating premises specified in the instruction of the piston cup foreign grinder, the lubricating oil is injected again and again.

6. connect to the main power, start the pump motor, pay attention to operating state, found abnormal, abnormal should immediately turn off the power, the rear drive quasi check processing.
7. to open the piston cup foreign grinder, 3min, to see whether the action is normal, the sound is normal, the coolant is smooth.
8. the grinding wheel should be prevented from dampness before loading the grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel should do static balance test. There is no crack in the grinding wheel.

9. clamping wheel, the grinding wheel and the pressing pad shall be 0.5 ~ 1.0mm for paper pad, and use special wrench fastening force uniform, no longer tube fastening, so as to avoid wheel spalling.

10. when the grinding wheel is loaded, it should run 5min in empty load. The operator should avoid the front, and confirm the use of the grinding wheel when it runs normally.