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Requirements and work conditions before the start of the universal CNC grinding machine

Apr 09, 2019

The operator of the universal CNC grinding machine needs to pass the test to obtain the operation certificate before the operation can be carried out. The operator should be familiar with the performance and structure of the machine. To a certain extent, it is necessary to comply with the safety and handover system. The operator must The requirements of the grinder manual, detailed understanding and memorizing the lubrication parts, lubrication methods and types and grades of lubricants, according to the provisions of the lubrication chart of the grinding machine, oil maintenance.

Before the start of construction, the universal CNC grinding machine needs to wear protective equipment according to the regulations. When using it, it will check the record of the shifting machine. When using it, carry out detailed inspection on each part of the grinding machine. If problems are found, it needs to be reported in time. Excluded from driving work.

The loading of the workpiece of the universal CNC grinding machine must comply with the regulations. For workpieces that have been interrupted for any reason, it is necessary to confirm that the condition is good before driving. When machining the workpiece, it is necessary to remove the grease, dirt and dust on the workpiece in advance; the grinding wheel and the grinding amount are reasonably selected according to the material of the workpiece, and it is strictly forbidden to grind the workpiece blank. \r7. When loading and measuring the workpiece, the grinding wheel must be retracted from the workpiece and parked. When the workpiece and the grinding wheel have not left, they must not stop midway. When the grinding wheel approaches the workpiece, it is not allowed to be powered by motor.

When the universal CNC grinding machine is working, it is forbidden for the operator to leave the grinding machine or to take care of the person. If it is necessary to leave due to power outage or other reasons, the wheel should be stopped after leaving the workpiece. When restarting the grinding machine, it should be confirmed that there is no abnormality in each part and the vehicle is allowed to drive.www.changyigrinder.com