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Rally trend in construction machinery industry

Apr 05, 2017

Recently, segments of construction machinery industry in January sales figures have been released.

According to statistics, January 25 survey companies sold excavator more than 4,500 units, compared with rose 54%, in four consecutive months up to 70% of high speed growth, upward momentum remains strong.

January, 25 home main mount machine production enterprise total sales various mount machine 4495 Taiwan, compared growth 16.33%; 10 home main bulldozers production enterprise total sales various bulldozers 322 Taiwan, compared growth 19.26%; 10 home into statistics of flat machine production enterprise cumulative sales flat machine 211 Taiwan, only micro-increased 0.96%; roller industry achieved sales 659 Taiwan, compared last year earlier of 592 Taiwan, compared rose 11.3%.

According to sources, expected preference for construction machinery in the machinery industry. Liugong said better late orders, starting from March production will significantly increase is twice times the average monthly output last year is expected, and high seasons the highest monthly output last year. 31 heavy industries also include excavators, compactors, concrete mixing stations, such as product orders, better is expected in 2017 as a whole better in 2016. Machinery industry rebound also reflected infrastructure investments continue to do well.