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Processing efficiency and movement characteristics of pneumatic multipurpose grinding machine

Jun 07, 2019

Pneumatic multipurpose grinding machine will effectively follow the movement characteristics and process requirements of the grinder according to the movement characteristics and process requirements of the grinder. The following requirements are required: 1. The rotary motion of the grinding wheel generally does not require speed regulation, and is towed by a three-phase asynchronous motor. It can be moved and only requires one-way rotation. When the capacity is large, the Y-delta step-down start can be used. 2. In order to ensure the processing precision, the operation is stable, and the inertia is small and no impact when the reciprocating motion of the table is reversed. Therefore, the hydraulic drive is used to realize the reciprocating motion of the table and the lateral feed of the wheel box.

Grinding machines used in standard machining of pneumatic multipurpose grinding machine, grinding wheel motors are operated according to the traditional starting circuit. After the motor starts, it runs at the rated speed. Due to the fluctuation of the grid voltage, the friction load of the grinding wheel workpiece changes continuously, which will affect the motor speed error. The standard grinding wheel motor starting circuit generally has only one processing speed, which is difficult to adapt to different workpiece size requirements. The speed is so tight that the precision of the workpiece being machined is difficult to guarantee.

Therefore, the pneumatic multipurpose grinding machine can be used to improve the processing quality and save energy, and the frequency conversion speed control technology can be applied to the grinding machine to obtain satisfactory results. There are many types of products processed in the machining industry, and the size and size of the workpieces are different, requiring different processing precision. Relatively speaking, the rotation speed of the grinding wheel is different at the main axis speed. It is difficult to adjust the spindle rotation speed to meet the workpiece processing line speed.