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Planetary grinding method in internal grinding

Mar 26, 2021


Through hole-the workpiece is fixed, the grinding wheel rotates around its own axis, rotates around the center line of the hole, reciprocating longitudinally, it is most convenient when the workpiece is large or irregular。


Step hole-the workpiece is fixed, the end face is parked, and the rest is the same as the through hole of "planetary grinding".


Narrow through hole-the workpiece rotates, the grinding wheel rotates, and the lateral feed is made.


End face-the workpiece rotates, the grinding wheel rotates, and the transverse feed is made.


Inner surface with annular groove-workpiece rotates, grinding wheel rotates, forming grinding wheel is used.


Concave spherical surface-workpiece rotation, grinding wheel rotation, micro-feed along the axis of the grinding wheel, grinding wheel diameter

Angle of inclination sinα=ds/dw where dw- the diameter of the inner sphere of the workpiece; K-the spherical surface of the workpiece is greater than a semicircle as positive, less than a semicircle is negative, and equal to a semicircle is zero.