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Overview of main components of high precision cylindrical grinder

Mar 14, 2021

a. Bed: The bed is an integral structure, and the internal ribs are uniformly arranged in a box shape, so that it has high overall rigidity and small thermal deformation, which is suitable for high productivity and high precision grinding machines.

b. The feed system of the grinding wheel holder and worktable: It is driven by a large inertia AC servo motor, and has a built-in high-precision encoder to control the feed accuracy. The three-level precision grinding screw of Taiwan PMI controls the feed of the wheel holder and the worktable. Both the grinding wheel frame and the worktable guide rail are flat V guide rails, and imported wear-resistant strips are attached. The guide rails are lubricated by gap lubrication, and the working taper can be adjusted by the upper working table.

High-precision cylindrical grinding machine protection: semi-open type. The machine tool electrical cabinet and the machine tool protection device are of integral structure. The electrical cabinet is equipped with a dehumidification and refrigeration device, with good sealing performance and safety interlocking.