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Outstanding grinding effect of high-precision cylindrical grinder

Dec 04, 2020

The bed of the high-precision cylindrical grinder is a monolithic structure, the internal ribs are arranged in a box shape, and are cast with high-strength low-alloy inoculated cast iron, combined with reasonable aging treatment, and have high overall rigidity and strength. It meets the requirements of high-precision equipment for basic parts. The worktable adopts a double-layer structure, which is convenient for adjusting the accuracy of the machine tool. The upper worktable can be rotated to grind conical parts. The table moving mechanism adopts AC servo motor to directly drive the ball screw pair to control the movement of the table. The worktable guide rail is a plastic sliding guide rail.

The main parts of the grinder are all formed at one time by a machining center to ensure the matching accuracy of each part. The precision constant amplitude technology is adopted. The system automatically controls the output amplitude during equipment operation to maintain the output amplitude unchanged and ensure the reliability of the processing effect. The imported micro diaphragm pump is used as the power source of the lubrication system, with stable pressure, corrosion resistance, and adaptable to harsh working environments. It has multiple protection circuits such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, and overheating to ensure equipment and personal safety. The tool assembly is made of steel, and the appearance is treated with hard chrome plating, which is beautiful and practical. It adopts pneumatic pressure mechanism, no adjustment is needed, and the operation is convenient. It can be used to grind cylindrical and conical outer surfaces, as well as axial end surfaces. The machining accuracy and roughness of this machine tool can steadily reach the accuracy standards of related cylindrical grinders. The lubrication system of the high-precision cylindrical grinder has the function of automatic pressure relief and reflux. There are no frictional parts in the pump and the service life is long. With these advantages as a foundation, the grinder has an outstanding effect in grinding.