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One minute to understand the operation steps of cylindrical grinder

Dec 17, 2020

When operating the cylindrical grinder, follow the steps below.

   1. Let it idle for 3-5 minutes after booting, and then start to check whether each system works normally;

  2. According to the workpiece to be processed, determine the specifications of the fixture used, and adjust the tightness of the fixture to make it convenient and reliable;

  3. Trim the molding surface of the grinding wheel according to the drawing of the workpiece;

  4. Adjust the appropriate tailstock position according to the shape and length of the workpiece, press the tailstock tightly, retract the grinding wheel a certain distance, install the workpiece, turn on the spindle, and rotate the workpiece. Check whether the rotation status is normal, whether the clamp is in proper contact with the machine pin, stop the spindle to check whether it is convenient and quick to remove the workpiece;

   5. Install the workpiece and adjust the position of the grinding wheel to align with the position of the workpiece to be processed. In order to ensure safety, the grinding wheel needs to be retracted for a certain distance. Feed in, slowly contact the workpiece for tool setting;

6. The cutting amount of the cylindrical grinder should not be too large. Generally, the single side does not exceed 10 wires. The dial must be retracted every time the tool feeds. After the grinding wheel touches the workpiece, slowly shake the dial to the designated position for processing, otherwise it may reach Burst grinding wheel

7. The horizontal fast retreat or fast forward of the grinding wheel carriage of the grinder. Rotate the fast forward and retreat handle of the grinding wheel carriage. The stroke switch can be pressed to start the oil pump. At the same time, the position of the reversing valve spool is changed, so that the grinding wheel carriage can quickly move to the workpiece or Quickly retreat from the workpiece.