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Meaning attached to grinder model

Aug 15, 2020

In addition to the different models of the grinder, the model also indicates the main specifications of the machine. Generally, it is expressed by the maximum diameter size processed on internal and external cylindrical grinders or 1/10 of the width (or diameter) of the surface grinder table surface. Crankshaft grinders indicate 1/10 of the maximum turning diameter; centerless grinders indicate the basic parameters themselves (such as M1080 (Indicates that the maximum grinding diameter is 80mm)

It should be noted that the main parameter codes of cylindrical grinders are different from those of centerless cylindrical grinders.

The general characteristic code of the grinder is in the second place of the model. For example, the B in the model MB1432A represents a semi-automatic universal cylindrical grinder.

Significant improvements in the structure and performance of the grinder are represented by the sequence A, B, C..., added at the end of the model.

The model of a numerically controlled high-precision cylindrical grinder is now used to illustrate the representation method of the grinder model. The maximum grinding diameter is 200mm, and the design is improved for the first time.