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Matters needing attention when operating cylindrical grinder

Jan 10, 2021

Most of the grinders use high-speed rotating grinding wheels for grinding processing, a few use other abrasive tools such as oilstone, belts and free abrasives for processing, which can be combined with machine tools to achieve one-time clamping, turning and grinding. Fully automatic and intelligent operation, one-time processing finish is below Ra0.2, and the surface of the roll directly reaches the mirror effect.

Machining efficiency is greatly improved

The roughness Ra value of the parts is ≤0.2um, and more importantly, the fatigue performance of the parts is improved (the fatigue life is increased by more than ten times), the surface microhardness is increased by more than 20%, and the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are increased by more than 50% , The surface is preset with ideal compressive stress and metal lattice nano-arrangement, and the processing efficiency is increased by more than 3 times than the traditional processing technology.

Important safety technical work

The safety technical work of cylindrical grinders during grinding processing is particularly important. Reliable safety protection devices must be adopted during processing, and the operation must be fully concentrated to ensure that there is nothing wrong. At the same time, the fine sand and metal shavings splashed from the grinding wheel workpiece during the grinding of the grinder will hurt the eyes of the operator. If the operator inhales a large amount of this dust, it will be harmful to the body, and appropriate protection should be taken. Measures. Pay attention to the following safety technical issues during grinding.

Configuration of grinding wheel

Use different grinding wheels for grinding wheels of different materials, and use sharp diamond pens to dress the grinding wheels. Adjust the speed of the grinding wheel when restoring the grinding wheel to achieve the sharpness of the grinding wheel to make the workpiece smoother;

Cylindrical grinders are hygienic, and a grinder can be used for a long time if it is kept clean. This requirement is very important. It seems ordinary, but it must be persevering. Just like people wear clothes and clean, the table is clean, and people feel comfortable when operating the grinder. Moreover, the accuracy of the machine tool is kept unchanged by being clean.