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Maintenance method of Centerless grinder

Apr 05, 2017

1, the centerless grinder surface maintenance: Centerless grinder appearance and motor heat dissipation surface must be kept clean, regular cleaning and polishing powder supplies.

2, check, tightening handles, wheels, screws, nuts and other parts. Keep the machine in good condition.

3, Centerless grinder machine inspection: inspect the centerless grinder parts screw, belt tension, loose should be adjusted to fit.

4, check the wear of the bearings should be replaced if damaged, lubricant is sufficient.

5, the guides should be cleaned on the guide rail is not available with a polished powder supplies.

6, electrical: regularly clean the motor and electrical boxes. Fixed, tidy, reliable electrical installations.

7, inspection, tightening zeroing device. Check the pushbutton switch, problem should be immediately replaced, to avoid unnecessary risks