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Main structural requirements and surface finishing of CNC Internal Grinder 2 Axes

Sep 26, 2017

The main components of 2-axis grinding machine is the lathe bed, which is the basis strutting piece of the whole equipment. The lathe bed will be effectively equipped with the headstock, tailstock, operating platform, grinding carriage, transverse saddle and so on. The biaxial internal grinding machine makes these components keep the accurate relative position in the working process. Inside of the lathe bed, it uses the hydraulic fluid oil basin.

The headstock of 2-axis grinding machine is used to install and clamp the work piece, then drive the work piece to rotate. The headstock can rotate by 90 degrees anti-clockwise on a horizontal surface. Its internal grinder is used to supporting the grinding wheel spindle in the grinding inside hole, which is driven by the separate motor.
The grinding carriage of the biaxial internal grinding machine is used to support and drive the grinding wheel spindle which is rotating at high speed in use. The grinding carriage is installed on the Saddle. When it is necessary to grind the short circle cone, the grinding carriage can be adjusted to a certain degree at ±30°. The tailstock and the top of the headstock support the work piece together.

The upper workbench can rotate an angle (± 10 °) around the lower workbench on the horizontal surface to grind the oblong cone whose conical degree is not large. There are headstock and tailstock on the upper workbench, which can do the vertical reciprocating motion along the biaxial internal grinding machine guide way with the workbench.
MK250 vertical 2 axe  3 axes Bearing  internal grinders.jpg

Model MK250 vertical /2 axe / 3 axes /Bearing  internal grinders

The biaxial internal grinding machine can used to finish the surface of the  inner column and inner cone. The equipment has good universality, which is widely used in the small batch workshop, tool shop and machine repair shop. The work piece is immovable when the planetary wheel is working. The grinding wheel not only rotates about its own axis at high speed, but also rotates about the axis of the hole which is machininged to realize the rotary feed. It is used to grind the large work piece or the work piece which can't rotate easily such as the internal-combustion engine cylinder block.
The reciprocating makeshift valve of the biaxial internal grinding machine must be sensitive. The stroke block must be adjusted well according the grinding length of the work piece. The first feed must be slow. The grinding wheel need to withdraw from the work piece and stop when measuring the work piece by the plug gauge or meter. It is necessary to have a certain safe distance between the grinding wheel and the work piece

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