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Machining method of inner hole grinding in internal grinding machine

Feb 04, 2018

The internal grinding method of internal grinding machine has longitudinal grinding method and transverse grinding method. The rotation direction of the workpiece and the rotation direction of the grinding wheel can achieve high efficiency grinding.

1. Longitudinal grinding method:

1. Lubrication hole grinding:

(1) adjust the length of the grinding wheel over the orifice.Grinding wheel overstep the length if too small, hole grinding time is too short, the two ends of the orifice metal layer than a hole in the middle of the mill to some less, to recover the elastic deformation of long axis, in two head hole grinding to metal layer is added, especially the smaller hole diameter is especially striking.

(2.) adjustment after taper of inner hole:

When grinding the inner hole in the internal grinding machine, the head frame should be found, namely, the reverse center of the spindle is required to be parallel to the longitudinal direction of the table.

(3) to measure inner hole size of grinding, the exit should be in the horizontal grinding wheel, then in the longitudinal exit artifacts, or simply at the hole wall spiral tracks and right end "horn" orifice.

2. Grinding of the lubrication hole:

In order to avoid the coning of the inner hole, the workpiece can make a few short distance reciprocation on the left side of the hole;It is necessary to eliminate the inner hole grinding to extend the service life of the grinding wheel and the surface roughness of the hole wall.

Ii. Transverse grinding method:

It is suitable for internal hole grinding with large length and high efficiency.

1. When grinding the step hole of the internal grinder, check whether the reverse axis of the spindle is parallel to the longitudinal direction of the table, or the inner hole face will be convex or concave.

2. Due to the continuous transverse cutting of the grinding wheel, the cutting load is added and the grinding wheel is easy to be passivated.At this time, the smaller grinding wheel can be chosen;Strengthen the long axis rigidity, minimize the extension length of the extension axis