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Machine parts layout

May 28, 2020

The overall layout of the machine tool basically adopts the layout form of the inner hole grinder.

The left side is a bedside table that can move a large distance, and the right side is a grinding head table; the bedside table guide rail is designed with a roller slide width four rail structure to meet the workpiece when grinding the inner hole and the outer circle. The need for position adjustment and feed;

Both worktables are driven by high inertia servo motor + high precision and rigid ball screw.

Grinding head table movement adopts static pressure guide rail, which has high motion accuracy, rigidity and stability, the grinding head feed stroke is 350mm, to meet the needs of grinding width workpiece, and has the function of reciprocating grinding; grinding head worktable can also Adjust the angle of 0 ° ~ 30 ° to meet the needs of grinding of large cone angle parts. In addition, for safety reasons, the grinding wheel and grinding parts have small protection. The overall appearance of the machine tool is fully enclosed movable sliding door cover, which is beautiful and pleasant.

Two sets of wheel dressers are equipped on the back side of the grinding wheel of the grinding table.

One set is a full-featured dual coordinate numerical interpolation + grinding wheel double-sided repair and dresser, which can straighten (oblique) lines, arcs, convexities and their composite shapes; when using, users only need to select the menu to enter working parameters .

Another set of dressers is specially designed for grinding the circle of spherical raceway bearing rings.The radius of the dressing arc is R50 ~ 200mm.It can repair single arc or double arc; if the grinding wheel moves one stroke, Repair another arc (double arc), can grind double spherical raceway bearing. Has a wide range of practicality and applicability.