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Lubrication of the cylindrical grinding machine before starting

Dec 12, 2017

In the process of Cylindrical grinder’s operation, the staffs can not operate it until they pass the examination and get the operation license, the operators should be familiar with the machine performance and structure to a certain extent,and they need to comply with safety and handover system.
 MK1620 Universal external   Large cylindrical grinding machine  cylindrical grinde.jpg

The operators of the cylindrical grinder must be in accordance with the requirements of its instructions effectly, memorizing the lubrication parts, the lubrication methods and the kinds and grades of the lubricants, and then oil and maintain according to the lubrication chart of the cylindrical grinder. Before start, they should be required to wear protective equipment, control shift class recording, detailed examination of the various parts of the grinder should be done, found problem should be timely report,the cylindrical grinder shall not be start until the problem solved.