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Key points sharing in the operation of CNC internal grinding machine

Dec 20, 2017

The CNC internal grinding machine tool can be used to process different products, and the precision of the inner hole and end face can be ensured by the internal gridner. In view of the current situation, it can mainly be used to grind the inner holes and end faces of ring parts of the basin teeth work pieces and large bearings. As a whole, the CNC internal grinding machine tool is regarded as a new type of high precision and high efficiency production machine.

This is because CNC internal grinder has higher automation level, for example, during the actual production process, the whole grinding cycle process can be automatically completed. The operator in the process of operation, only need to load and unload the workpiece, very simple. In addition, the grinder not only can be used for grinding cylindrical and conical holes,but also can grind the external cylinder and end surface.

CNC internal grinding machinea.jpg

From the running state of CNC Internal Grinder,this grinder runs mainly through two relatively independent driving mechanisms, and the feed system has the function of fixed range grinding. And in the use of the process, the user can choose manual feed, or hydraulical feed. In order to ensure the quality of production, the grinding machine specially adopts the fast adjusting mechanism, so the withdrawal of the grinding wheel does not need to be adjusted manually after the measurement and the dressing.

In this way, it can not only save working time, but also ensure the operation precision of the CNC internal grinding machine. In addition, the working table stop of this grinder is equipped with rewind, and the user can adjust theMiddle stop device, the stop distance also can be adjusted according to the actual situation, so it can save a lot of time.

More importantly, the safety of the CNC internal grinding machine is very high. because there’s a safety interlocking device set in the Starting handlebar of the worktable of the internal grinder, so it can ensure the safety of loading and unloading during the production. In addition, the CNC internal grinding machine is also equipped with an end face grinding equipment, so it can ensure the smooth operation of the production operation.