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Keep the guide rail surface clean when using a vertical grinder

Mar 05, 2021

1. Before using the vertical grinder, you must read the manual and be familiar with the structure of the machine tool, the function of each handle, and the transmission and lubrication system.

2. Add lubricating oil to the lubrication instructions of the machine tool before using the vertical grinder.

3. Before using the machine tool, check whether the locking parts are clamped, and check whether the grinding wheel frame lifting system, the movement of the workbench and the electrical equipment are normal.

4. When using, you should select a suitable grinding wheel according to the material of the grinding tool and the requirements of the processing part, and timely dress the working surface of the grinding wheel.

5. If the vertical grinder breaks down or makes abnormal noise during the working process, immediately cut off the input power and check the cause.

6. Keep the guide rail surface clean during use. After the work is completed, sand, iron filings and dust on the machine should be removed, and anti-rust oil should be applied to the unpainted surface to prevent corrosion.