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Is there any relationships between the grinding wheel grinding rod and the inner hole surface roughness and galling?

May 24, 2017

Grinding surface roughness and grinding deep traces are often seen in the internal grinding, sometimes the bore wall also appears the galling. This is because the grinding rod (with long axis) offset, the clearance of the grinding head spindle is too large, causing the grinding wheel swaying in the grinding process, result in grinding wheel can not be repaired round and smooth, so as to cause the workpiece surface roughness and galling.

M2120A End face   hydraulic surface grinding machineSurface grinder.jpg

To prevent this defect, the grinding rod should be disassembled, put the lever type dial indicator into the spindle taper hole, and then drive the driven belt by the hand wheel, to check the spindle rotary precision according to whether the dial indicator pointer is stable, If theres offset, it means the grinding head spindle has problems. If there is no offset, make the grinding rod loaded, and then make dial indicator close to the wheel end in the grinding rod, measuring grinding bar whether it is bending (general grinding rod allow offset in 0.05mm)

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