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Introduction to the movement mode of grinding in high-precision cylindrical grinding machines

Jul 17, 2019

The high-precision cylindrical grinding machine is a CNC external cylindrical grinding machine with a shortened lateral dimension. It is especially suitable for use in a small installation space and can meet the simplification and space saving requirements of various production lines. It is a very convenient, sensitive and convenient equipment, with efficient control system and simple operation. The useful skills of such a grinding machine, the quality and precision of the grinding machine, low capital and great economical operation. . It is suitable for production in single rooms as well as small batch processing and large batches of workpieces. The equipment has many course selection items and accessories to choose from. The equipment can be used in a wide range of applications, even for messy surface grinding operations. Achieve the reliability of the job.

The high-precision cylindrical grinding machine adopts the mechatronic structure layout, adopts the work area protection or the overall protection, and the maintenance is convenient to meet the requirements of ergonomics. The grinding wheel spindle has high rotation precision and strong rigidity. A variety of diamond dressing devices can be selected to achieve precise CNC dressing, automatic compensation, and active measuring devices to achieve full closed-loop control of grinding. It has a full range of control functions such as grinding process program change, workpiece quality management, machine condition monitoring, fault self-diagnosis and abnormal alarm. The menu interface is easy to input. The head frame is used to adjust the head frame from the head frame and the head frame. The head frame can be rotated around the axis on the head frame. The angle of rotation can be read from the scale. The headstock dial can realize stepless stepless speed regulation through the pulley and the frequency converter. The pre-tightening force of the triangular tape at one end of the headstock motor is adjusted by moving the headstock motor. The pre-tightening force of the V-ribbed belt on the head of the high-precision cylindrical grinding head head is adjusted by the rotating eccentric sleeve. When turning the eccentric sleeve, first loosen the set screw, and then turn the eccentric sleeve to the proper position, then tighten the set screw.

High-precision cylindrical grinding machines are widely used to process a variety of cylindrical conical outer surfaces and shoulder end face grinders. It also has an internal grinding attachment that grinds the inner and outer tapered surfaces of the inner bore. However, cylindrical grinding machines are less automated and are only suitable for small batch production and repair work. The working idea is to grind the cylindrical steel parts into a precision concentric grinding machine with the centering of the two cores and the grinding wheel as the tool.

When performing cylindrical grinding in a high-precision cylindrical grinding machine, there are the following types of motion:

1. The high-speed rotary motion of the grinding wheel is the main motion for grinding the outer circle.

2. The longitudinal reciprocating motion of the workpiece with the table is the longitudinal feed motion of the outer circle.

3. The rotation of the workpiece by the headstock spindle is the circumferential feed motion of the grinding outer circle.

4. The grinding wheel makes a periodic lateral feed motion.

In the process of use, the oil leakage must not occur. The guide rail of the workbench of the equipment also needs to be inspected regularly. If there is a problem, it needs to be inspected in time, and then it is repaired with its sophisticated technology. In the process of use, the precision function of the government equipment can be effectively reported without being damaged. In the use, the headstock and the tail of the equipment need to be regularly inspected. If the equipment fails, precision maintenance is required. In order to ensure the normal operation and use of high-precision cylindrical grinding machines.