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Introduction to the end face arc tooth squirrel chain bearing

Jan 13, 2021

Machining multiple workpieces on multiple machines is combined into one machine tool, or multiple projects such as rough machining and finishing are combined into a few projects, which can contribute to improving production performance and saving space. Therefore, for machine tool spindles, there is a need to develop a wide range of machining from low-speed rotating heavy cutting to high-speed rotating light cutting. As a bearing, the coexistence of high speed and high rigidity is required.

The correct configuration of the spindle bearing in the arc tooth squirrel disk refers to the combination of bearing types and the arrangement of the front and rear bearings. Different configurations determine the load capacity, operating speed, stiffness, temperature rise and service life of the machine tool spindle, especially The impact on stiffness and temperature rise is more significant, so the spindle bearings should be reasonably configured according to the requirements of the machine tool working characteristics. However, the dynamic effect of the oil film is not utilized, which is particularly obvious in heavy-duty situations, causing a certain amount of energy consumption. The dynamic bearing lubrication mechanism mainly relies on the lubrication equation and the relationship between speed, pressure and water film thickness is obtained. The key to the static bearing design is the throttle.