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Introduction to safety protection of precision grinding machine

Oct 19, 2017

Nowadays, a variety of grinding equipment in the field of production is very common, in order to protect its use effect, we need to do a good job of safety protection in daily work. Especially for precision grinding machine, more attention should be paid to this aspect. The advantage of this is not only to ensure the smooth completion of production, but also to ensure the quality of processing parts.

So, what safety issues do we need to pay more attention to during the operation? First, considering the high rotation speed of the grinding wheel of the precision grinding machine, and the grinding wheel itself is hard and brittle, so it can not be seriously impacted. And if you don't operate it properly, it's going to have very serious consequences. So we must adopt a reliable safety protection device.

At the same time, during the entire operation, the staff must focus attention, careful operation, in order to ensure foolproof. Secondly, during the grinding, some fine sand and metal debris may be splashed out, these debris may damage the staff's eyes, so it also need to take appropriate protective measures. Third, before you start the equipment, you must have a comprehensive inspection.

MKF2110 Multi-function CNC compound    Semi-automatic CNC   All-purpose grinding machine.jpg

Multi-function CNC grinding machine

You can not start running until you know everything is ok. In the processing, the staff need to combine the grinding length of the work piece, do some reasonable adjustments of precision grinding machine. This is not only to ensure the safety of production, but also to ensure the quality of products. If the wheel needs to be replaced, the appearance inspection should be carried out first. Assembly should be carried out in accordance with the specified methods and requirements.

After the assembly is completed, the test and inspection are needed, and after the confirmation is normal, it can be used. Normally, during the operation of the precision grinding machine, the staff should wear protective glasses, he should pay attention to balance to avoid the impact in the process of grinding wheels trimming.