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Internal grinding method and principle of internal cylindrical grinding machine

Aug 31, 2017

As the name suggests, the internal grinder is a kind of machine tool which is responsible for internal grinding, and the so-called internal grinding is actually the method of grinding bore diameter. Since the machine used for internal grinding is an internal cylindrical grinder, how does it accomplish this work? What is the principle of internal grinding machine?
The internal grinder can be worked in two ways: one is the grinding wheel and work piece are all rotary, this is the general common machining method; another is used only when the processing of the large work piece, the work piece is not rotary, the grinding wheel does the planetary movement, thus completing the grinding of inner hole.
The internal grinder has Spindle and drive device. The work piece is mounted on the chuck at the end of the spindle; in addition,the work table is also equipped at the right end of the internal grinder, there’s grindin gtool inside the head of the grinding wheel, mounting the wheel in grinding wheel shaft. Internal grinding machine is using the feeding of the grinding tool and reciprocating movement of the table, to be able to grind the hole.
It is understood that the grinding tool of the internal grinder is composed of a grinding wheel and device which can promote its high-speed rotation, driven by a belt or air turbine, and can make the grinding tool rotary with the speed of 30000-65000r/min high-speed. Thus, the internal grinding process of the internal grinder can be completed efficiently.

MB215 Semi-automatic  Semi-automatic CNC internal  grinders.jpg

                                                           CNC internal  grinders

When the work piece is large or difficult to turn with a clamping plate, the internal grinding machine can not carry out internal grinding in a conventional way, because this will cause the work piece to be unbalanced when turning. In this case, the work piece can also be fixed on an internal cylindrical grinder, but it is more advantageous to the grinding wheel for making the grinding wheel to do the planetary motion.

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