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Internal grinding machine gap adjustment method

Mar 07, 2018

Internal grinding 2110 ends of the grinding head, the installation is 36208 bearing it.


The two ends of the two bearings, the outer ring of the bearing are large outward, small inward.


Remember the gasket between the two bearings should not be confused.


Before installing the first four bearings filled with white grease.


Put the grinding head coat aside, stand the inner shaft on a wooden board,


Will press the other side of the wheel rushed, and then a bearing press first,


Remember flushed, tap the inner ring on time.


Push it all the way in. Push the upper washer in the same way as the other bearing on the outer surface, and then press the upper backup wire.


Will be fitted with a bearing of the inner shaft into the coat, remember not to use the hammer knock.


Be sure to put it in. After you have done all this, flush one end of the bearing well and place it on a wooden board with the spring behind (look at whether the spring is as tall as it should be).


Then press the front of the method according to the back, in general, installed in place,


There should be no problem with the clearance, the height of the clearance and the spring are related to the elasticity.