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Internal cylindrical grinder operating procedures and safety interlocks

May 29, 2019

The workbench of the internal cylindrical grinder is retracted with a medium stop device, and the retreat distance can be adjusted as needed to reduce the auxiliary time.

The workbench starter handle is equipped with a safety interlock to ensure safety during loading and unloading and measurement work. The machine tool wheel shaft has a high rotational speed of 24,000 rpm to improve the grinding of small holes.

The internal cylindrical grinder can be modified to a certain extent due to the special order of the user during the use.

Speed adjustment to grind small diameter bores. The machine is equipped with an end grinding device to ensure the verticality of the inner hole and the end surface of the workpiece.

Internal cylindrical grinder operating procedures

1. The reciprocating direction changing valve should be sensitive, and the stroke retaining iron should be adjusted according to the grinding length of the workpiece, and the fastening is firm.

2. It should be slow when feeding.

3. When measuring the workpiece with a plug gauge or gauge, the grinding wheel must exit the workpiece and be stopped. The grinding wheel and the workpiece must have a certain safety distance.

4. Use a plug gauge to measure the workpiece. When pulling out the plug gauge, be sure to stabilize.

5. When the grinding wheel is broken during grinding, do not exit immediately, and stop it after turning it.

6. Replace, correct the grinding wheel should follow the general safety regulations of the mill.