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Inspection and positioning requirements of centerless grinding machine

Dec 04, 2017

In the process of centerless grinding machine, we should do the maintenance for the overview, which includes motor and effective cooling device, the surface must be clean, polishing powder materials need to be cleaned regularly, Centerless Grinder needs effective check on the feed hand wheel, handle and nut fastening screws, and other parts, keep the machine in a good condition.
The whole machine inspection of centerless grinding machine, in the process of using, including screws, belts, tightness,it should be effectively adjusted to the right tightness in the use, effective inspection of the bearing wear degree,and timely replace the damaged ones,
The centerless grinder needs cleaning the motor and the electrical box regularly. The electrical equipment is regular and reliable. Check and fasten the zero connection device. Check the button switch, we should immediately replace the problem, to avoid unnecessary risks. The supporting mechanism of the bracket and the guide wheel is better than the top and center support mechanism of the common cylindrical grinder, and the cutting amount can be larger, which is beneficial to the machining of the slender shaft workpiece, and easy to realize high speed grinding and strong grinding.

The workpiece of centerless grinding machine is mainly located on the positioning mechanism by the outer circle, and the grinding quantity is the allowance of the workpiece diameter, so the influence of the grinding wheel wear, the feed mechanism compensation and the repeated positioning accuracy error of the cutting mechanism on the diameter precision of the parts. Only half of the ordinary cylindrical grinder, no central hole, and easy to realize the loading and unloading material automaticly.
The centerless grinding machine guarantees the relative position accuracy between the grinding surface and the non grinding surface, and the roundness is worse when the circumferential external surface is grinded. The grinding surface is prone to generate odd edge roundness, such as the illusion that the measurement size is smaller than the maximum solid size, and affects the assembly quality and work performance.