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Hydraulic Internal Bore Grinding Machine operating procedures and hydraulic devices

May 02, 2019

The hydraulic bore mill is equipped with different sizes of grinding balls depending on the system capacity. The grinding machine is usually equipped with 5 grinding balls. The pressure ring is used to fix the upper grinding ring, and the pressure ring can move vertically vertically in the body, which can prevent the foreign matter from being clogged and damage the grinding element. The mill yoke is the lower grinding ring and transmission connection. There is an access door in the middle of the grinder. In addition, the grinder is equipped with a hydraulic oil supply system and a gearbox oil supply system. The vertical grinding machine body is a closed unit in which grinding, separation and conveying can be carried out simultaneously, and the grinding machine is continuously operated.

The hydraulic bore mill is operated at a pressure from a hydraulic device installed in the mill. During operation, the hydraulic cylinder tensioning rope transmits the traction force to the spring tensioner in the grinder, and the spring tensioner evenly distributes the grinding pressure to The pressure ring, the upper and lower grinding rings and the grinding ball rotate the upper and lower grinding rings and the grinding ball, and then the pellets in the grinding machine are ground into powder, and the fineness of the grinding can be adjusted during operation by adjusting the dynamic separator rotor speed. . When foreign matter (such as stones, iron blocks, etc.) enters the grinder, it is automatically separated during the grinding process and discharged into the discharge door for collection.

Operating procedures for hydraulic bore grinding machines

1. Operators and apprentices must be independently operated after technical safety education and appraisal through actual appraisal. Non-current process personnel are not allowed to use it without the consent of the leader.

2. Before the work, it is necessary to check whether the machine tool is moving normally. If the problem is found, it should be repaired in time to operate.

3. After the machine is started, it is strictly forbidden to touch the external gear and internal gear to prevent a safety accident.

4. After the work is completed, the power must be turned off, wiped clean, and kept clean.