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Hydraulic face grinding machine movement characteristics and installation requirements

Jun 12, 2019

Hydraulic face grinding machine movement characteristics and process requirements

1. The rotary motion of the grinding wheel generally does not require speed regulation. It can be dragged by a three-phase asynchronous motor and only requires one-way rotation. When the capacity is large, the Y-delta step-down start can be used.

2. In order to ensure the processing accuracy, make it run smoothly, and ensure that the inertia of the table reciprocating motion is small and no impact, so the hydraulic drive is used to realize the reciprocating motion of the table and the lateral feed of the wheel box.

When the hydraulic face grinding machine starts to work, the hand adjustment method is applied, so that the grinding wheel can be slower to approach the workpiece, and the feed amount should be small, and the force should not be too strong to prevent the grinding wheel from colliding. When it is necessary to use the iron stop to control the reciprocating motion of the worktable, it is necessary to accurately adjust the length of the workpiece according to the grinding length of the workpiece and tighten the retaining iron. When replacing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to check the appearance, whether there is any trauma, and then use a wooden hammer or a wooden stick to strike, and the sound is required to be clear and crack-free.

Hydraulic face grinding machine must be assembled according to the specified methods and requirements when installing the grinding wheel. After static balance adjustment, the installation is carried out, and the test is completed. Workers should wear protective goggles at work and balance the grinding wheel to prevent impact. Measuring the workpiece, adjusting or wiping the machine must be done after the shutdown. When using a magnetic suction cup, wipe the surface of the disc and the workpiece, press it tightly, and fasten it. If necessary, add a retaining iron to prevent the workpiece from shifting or flying out. Pay attention to the wheel guard or machine baffle, and the station should be placed on the front side of the high-speed rotating grinding wheel.