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How to use and operate the cylindrical grinder correctly

Feb 09, 2021

Cylindrical grinders play a very important role in industrial production. As an integrated processing and production equipment with both technology intensity and automation, it can make our parts production more accurate, product quality, and automated. It is more stable, which brings great benefits and help to our staff. But in the process of use, you will always have some misoperations, which will cause adverse effects on our work and machinery.

So how should the operation cylindrical grinder be used?

1. When performing related operations, operators need to undergo pre-job training. As long as they have undergone pre-job training and have job certificates, they can perform corresponding operations. In the process of training, we also need to understand the detailed structure. The operating principle, technical parameters, and basic functions of the equipment need to be considered. And also need to read the relevant operation manual in detail.

2. When the equipment is opened, the equipment needs to be checked to ensure that the equipment is operating normally. If the equipment is found to be faulty while checking, it needs to be corrected in time. Not only that, it is also necessary to carry out corresponding inspections on related systems, including power supply system, refueling system, electrical system, etc., as long as each system is in normal operation, can operate.

3. When carrying out the construction operation of the cylindrical grinder, the corresponding viewpoint and orientation should be adjusted in time. At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the stroke baffle according to your own practical needs, but when adjusting the stroke baffle, you must pay attention to adjustment To the right position.

4. When performing corresponding operations, operators need to wear corresponding work clothes and cannot whisper to other personnel, or chat with each other. The first thing is to avoid distraction and ensure the safety of operators.

5. During the operation, you need to wear professional glasses. Because there will be some fine particles coming out, once they are near the eyes, the image of the eyes is very big.