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How to trim the grinding wheel to make the surface of the inner hole polished by the internal grinder

Jul 20, 2019

In the process of internal grinding, the machining quality is affected by the small grinding wheel and the slender grinding rod. In order to facilitate the smooth surface of the inner hole, the following two points should be paid attention to when dressing the grinding wheel: 1) the top angle of the diamond knife must be sharp, in order to trim the flat and multi-edged abrasive particles, so that the cutting is light and fast, and the roughness of the grinding surface is reduced. 2) if the inner circle is ground by a universal cylindrical grinder, the height of the center of the grinding wheel dresser should be the standard of the grinding wheel center of the external circular grinder, which is lower than the central 1~2mm. Now when it is used for the internal grinding head, because its rotation direction is opposite to the rotational speed direction of the external grinding head, the diamond height is necessary to be padded higher than the center 1~2mm, so that when dressing, it can maintain the stability and avoid gnawing the grinding tool phenomenon, which is also beneficial to the leveling of the wheel flange of the grinding wheel, and the improvement of the precision of the work piece and the reduction of surface roughness.