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How to make CNC internal grinding machine dimensionally stable?

Jun 01, 2017

1. First, confirm whether the tooling that drives the workpiece is reliable;
2, Secondly, adopt the micrometer seat to confirm the feeding system whether the gap is large, and whether the data are consistent near the feed each time

MK2120 Automatic measurement   CNC internal grinding machine.jpg

                                    MK2120 CNC internal grinding machine

3. Finally, make sure that the grinding wheel meets the requirements of grinding. (the smaller the size, the more likely it is concerned with the crack repair during the trimming of the grinding wheel;
CNC internal grinding machine is mainly used in the grinding of the inner hole and end face of the basin gear and large bearing ring parts, so as to ensure the accuracy of the inner hole and the end face. It is a new generation of high precision, high efficiency production machine tools. The whole grinding cycle of the machine tool is completed automatically, and the operator only needs to assemble and disassemble the workpiece. NC internal grinder for grinding cylindrical and conical holes, and also can grinding the external and end face. The main shaft, internal grinding head and cylindrical grinding head are all lubricated by oil mist. CNC Internal Grinder system programming function is strong, easy to learn, and has a variety of special functions to meet the different requirements of grinding processing, can meet the needs of users’variety requirements of parts processing.
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