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How to install a High Voltage Electrical Testing Transformer

Mar 15, 2019

In the event of power failure maintenance of high-voltage lines, the regulations for power failure, power inspection, and grounding must be followed. The power inspection operation must be completed by a high-voltage electroscope. The fixed high-voltage acousto-optic electroscope is one of the commonly used electric safety tools for detecting the presence or absence of voltage on the power equipment. It is clearly verified by the electroscope that the power-off equipment has no voltage, and then other operations are performed to prevent the grounding line from being charged. Mistaken accidents such as electrical equipment. Therefore, the role of electroscopes in the power industry cannot be ignored.


The fixed High Voltage Electrical Testing Transformer housing is made of ABS engineering original plastic injection molding. The telescopic insulated operating rod is made of epoxy insulating rod, and the head rod is more convenient to store. Advanced product design, reasonable structure, perfect and reliable performance, easy to use, is a necessary safety tool for power plants, substations, industrial and mining electrical departments.


When operating with a fixed high-voltage acousto-optic electroscope, turn on the electroscope indicator and perform a self-test. Extend all the insulated operating rods so that they are pulled and positioned; the grounding of the grounding down conductor is reliably clamped to a good ground rail or pole. Insert the plug of the grounding lead wire into the jack at the end of the first section rod;


The operator should first check the electric part of the electroscope to prove that the electroscope has good performance. The electroscope then checks the electricity on the construction site to confirm whether there is electricity in the construction site. After that, it should return to the electric part. Re-inspection to ensure the integrity of the electroscope.