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How to ensure the quality and efficiency of CNC cylindrical grinding machine?

Nov 02, 2017

Usually, in the process of applying CNC cylindrical grinding machine, we need to choose the suitable positioning standard according to the specific requirements. So, when this parameter is determined, how can we guarantee the machining quality and efficiency of the equipment?
In fact, after determining this parameter, if we want to give full play to the role and value of CNC cylindrical grinder, we must combine the specific processing conditions to choose effective processing methods. Note that before processing, we need to clean the disk, and then should also be based on the hardness and need to finish the steel material as the reference standard, and choose the suitable grinding wheel to adjust.

MK1620 Universal external   Large cylindrical grinding machine  cylindrical grinde.jpg

When the above tasks are completed, we should start the CNC cylindrical grinder so that it is in the running state. During the operation, the maximum point of the work piece should be taken as the tool setting point. Meanwhile, the feed amount of the drive shaft should be kept within 0.03 millimeters. And then you can do a formal job. Remember to choose the appropriate grinding wheel at this time, and the grinding wheel should be processed from coarse to fine.
If you still need to do other processing, don't forget to do the professional adjustment to the CNC cylindrical grinder machining program, and to dress the thickness of the grinding wheel.