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How to ensure the precision requirements for grinding workpieces on cylindrical grinders?

Sep 02, 2020

Let us first understand the principle of cylindrical grinder:

Cylindrical grinding machine super-finish grinding is realized by using the characteristic that a large number of equal height abrasive micro-edges can be trimmed on the working surface of the grinding wheel. High-abrasive micro-edges can remove micro-defects and micro-size and shape errors from the surface of the workpiece, so high grinding accuracy can be obtained. In addition, due to the large number of high-abrasive micro-edges, the amount of grinding Under proper conditions, a large number of extremely fine cutting marks can be left on the machined surface, thereby obtaining a very low surface roughness value. Due to the obvious friction, sliding, polishing and calendering effects in the non-spark polishing stage, the surface roughness value can be further reduced.

Combined with the above grinding wheel dressing principle, for how to ensure the surface roughness of the workpiece processed by the grinding wheel, the grinder should not only have certain working experience, but also pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Balance of spindle motor and grinding wheel

2. The vibration of the spindle motor has a great influence on the surface roughness of the grinding, so it is necessary to dynamically balance the spindle motor of the grinding wheel. The grinding wheel needs to be balanced twice:

First, use a diamond pen to trim the grinding wheel and perform a rough balance;

Then use oilstone or a finishing wheel after fine turning to finely repair the grinding wheel and then perform a fine balance.

For the dressing of wheels, under normal circumstances, the surface roughness of 0.4~0.8μm can only be obtained on ordinary grinders with a grinding wheel that is only trimmed by a diamond pen. In order to make the grinding surface reach the roughness requirement of 0.02~0.04μm, the grinding wheel must be trimmed and trimmed twice. The trimming method can use one of the following two methods.