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How to ensure the precision of the CNC cylindrical grinding machine?

Nov 10, 2017

In order to ensure the precision of the CNC cylindrical grinding machine, in the process of design and use, the balance between the spindle motor and the grinding wheel should be ensured. This is because the vibration of the grinding wheel spindle motor may have a greater impact on the surface roughness of the grinding. Therefore, it is often necessary to perform dynamic balancing of the grinding wheel spindle motor, and the grinding wheel needs to be balanced for two times
If you want to further enhance the precision of CNC cylindrical grinder, in addition to the daily operation to ensure the correct reasonable use, we should also take some corresponding measures, to reduce the original error. At the same time, we should pay attention to find out the specific causes of errors, and take targeted measures to eliminate and reduce them.

MK1620 Universal external   Large cylindrical grinding machine  cylindrical grinde.jpg

MK1620 Universal external Large cylindrical grinding machine  cylindrical grinde

From another point of view, we can also improve the precision of the  CNC cylindrical grinder by compensating the original error. Specifically, it is possible to artificially create some errors, thus eliminating the original error. Or you can transfer the original error to reduce it, such as geometric errors and thermal deformation in the process system can be eliminated or reduced through this method.
In addition, there is another way to achieve this effect, that is, to split the original error. In fact,we can divide the error of the precision CNC cylindrical grinder into several parts, and then each error is adjusted accordingly. The local processing method also can be used to reduce the error, this method is faster and more effective, can solve the problem in a short time, and improve the accuracy of the work piece.