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How to correctly match a grinding wheel for Double end grinder?

Sep 15, 2017

Generally different types of grinding machines should be equipped with different types of grinding wheels, so as to meet the processing requirements, such as double end grinding machine processing, it is necessary to match the series of grinding wheels. In addition to the determination of the type of grinding wheel, its installation method is also very important, we must pay more attention to the operation.
Generally speaking, the grinding wheel of the double end grinding machine series and the connecting long axis may use the screw to fasten or to use the bond to fasten, but must pay attentionto that coordination gap of the grinding wheel inner hole and the connection long axis journal cannot be too big, it also cannot be too small. If it is too small, it is easy to cause the grinding wheel of the double end grinding machine to crack; if it is too large, it will cause the vibration of the grinding wheel.
The actual installation process, the gap is also related with the fastening method, if the use of double end grinding machine grinding wheel with long axis fixed, the gap should not be more than 0.2mm; if using adhesive to fasten, the gap can not be more than 0.3 mm. If the gap is too large, the paper can be inserted between the long axis and the inner bore of the grinding wheel to narrow the gap.
 Remember that the two ends of the double end grinding wheel can not directly contact with the end face of the shoulderof the connecting long axis and screw, but should be inserted with soft liner such as yellow paper, and the thickness of the soft liner is better to be 0.2mm~0.3mm, so you can make the internal grinding wheel be forced uniformly and reliable fastened.

M215A Hydraulic drive  Cylindrical bore internal grinder internal grinding machine.jpg

End surface  Double ended   Internal grinding machine

In addition, the contacting long axis end and the screw end as the undertake of the grinding wheel of the double end grinding machine can not be rugged, and the contact surface can not be too small, otherwise it will reduce the friction area, affecting the reliability of fastening. The rotation direction of the fastening screw can not be the same as that of the double end grinding wheel, otherwise the grinding wheel will be automatically loosened under the grinding force.
In short, no matter which kind of way to install the grinding wheel of double end grinder, the above matters should be beared in mind, to make the grinding wheel to maintain steady state, avoid effecting the normal work of the double end grinder machine because of the loosening.

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